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Sunday Class Membership (Beginner)

Pouya Saadat

Welcome to the beginner Sunday class membership!

Here you will learn yoga in a relaxed and wholehearted way without any pressure .

This membership will give you access to every class automatically.
It's also more affordable than buying every class separately.

Of course you'll be free to cancel at any time. Although based on my experience you'll likely want to continue for the rest of your life after feeling the amazing benefits of yoga :)

Bonusses of the membership include:

  • Whenever new video courses come out you'll receive an exclusive membership discount.
  • Priority access to my support whenever you have any questions or requests.
  • When I organize yoga workshops in the future you'll be able to book it before anyone else.

The class is 90 minutes and includes a guided meditation and a 15 minute Q&A(Question and Answer) session at the end. You don't need a camera just your screen and a towel/band.

The Yoga class is beginner friendly 

Starting time per time zone:

Note: USA, Canada and Europe times are adjusted now for daylight savings.

(UTC +05:30) Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore: 9:30 PM/21:30

(UTC+04:00) Dubai, Riyadh, Yerevan: 8 PM/20:00

(UTC+01:00) Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris: 6 PM/18:00

(UTC) Dublin, Edinburgh, London: 5 PM/17:00

(UTC-04:00) Eastern Daylight Time, New York, Boston, Miami: 12 PM/12:00

(UTC-05:00) Central Daylight Time, Houston, Dallas, Chicago: 11 AM/11:00

(UTC-07:00) Pacific Daylight Time, LA, San Francisco, Las Vegas: 9 AM/9:00

After registering you'll receive your Zoom link via email at least a day before the class starts which will give you access.

You can join the membership by clicking the Subscribe button on this page.

See you this Sunday!

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